Rex Meade

For over 40 years, Rex assisted others in identifying and honing the talents and leadership potential of individuals that is so vital to organizations.  Grounded by his own work experiences within large engineering/construction firms and a regional hospital setting, Rex has a strong base of practical, workplace knowledge.  His areas of expertise include assessments, executive coaching, leadership forums, and organization effectiveness.  Rex has had a rich career working with organizations both locally and worldwide.

Rex has now transitioned and is enjoying his retirement.  He continues to be actively engaged within the local community.  He and his wife, Wanda, are traveling and enjoying their time together.

Rex Meade



Wanda Meade

Wanda’s professional career included 30 years in the public schools as a school counselor, teacher and administrator.  She then taught as an adjunct instructor for Clemson University for eleven years.  In 2013, she began a community project to raise awareness about sexual abuse called Survivors Finding Voice.  Using her skills as a photographer in combination with story lines from survivors, the project is a powerful presentation.  Wanda is trained as a spiritual director and writes about programs and events in her blog Living in the Balance.  Most recently she created the blog Greenville!  Let’s Connect! where she posts information about community programs such as where to recycle, upcoming board meetings, and services by local non-profits.  She continues to be a community activist and advocate.  Photography, spending time with friends, and traveling with her husband, Rex, all bring her joy.

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