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People are the foundation….. the core…… the most valuable asset of every successful organization.  We know that truly good organizational leadership can inspire and guide individuals to exceptional performance.  Meade LLC is committed to assisting organizations to become more effective, productive, and profitable by helping leaders tap into and develop the talents and potential of each individual.

Our consulting philosophy is based on the belief that success is built on a partnered relationship with our clients.  Working together, we will design and frame all services to suit your unique setting and situation.  Drawing on our experience and expertise in organization development and human resources, we can offer you and your organization a wide variety of services specifically designed to meet your requirements and needs.

Leadership Assessments
Provides valuable, norm-specific data to assist you in the selection process as you determine the best candidates for key positions.

Executive Coaching
Offers an individually customized approach to acquiring and building the targeted leadership skills necessary for success in one’s own setting.

Leads focused and highly customized processes designed to meet the organization’s specific, targeted objectives.

Leadership Forums
Offers a unique and dynamic approach to Leadership Development Programs by using acclaimed films to address common leadership themes. These themes are then linked to custom designed, organization specific, and industry relevant case studies.

Organization Effectiveness
Provides just-in-time and targeted consultation to enhance the key dynamics that lead to future success.

Strategic Partners in your Organization Development Needs
Meade LCC - Strategice human resource management